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The next MEA General meeting will be held at the Ringwood FCS on Sunday March 1 at 1:00pm

The Metro East Anglers or MEA, a registered Canadian charity, previously known as the Metro East Steelhead and Salmon Fishermen, has long been involved in the betterment of the fishery. From a humble beginning in 1995 at the Parkview Hatchery with the rearing of 3500 Rainbow Trout in an upwelling box, the club has grown to produce yearly almost one million Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon and Atlantic Salmon for stocking in our local watersheds. The club continues to support an increased membership of dedicated anglers and conservationists.

Since September 2006, when operations were moved from Parkview, MEA has operated the Ringwood Fish Culture Station where the main focus was the rearing and marking of the entire Ontario production of Chinook Salmon for Lake Ontario. The club also initiated the re-introduction of Coho Salmon production and stocking, and established four Chinook Salmon pen imprinting projects in the area. Additionally, MEA continues to participate in a broad range of activities, ranging from the operation of the Milne Fishway and stream rehabilitation programs with Ontario Streams, to environmental, educational and ethical programs such as River Watch and Report a Poacher and assisting and working with schools. The major focus of the club's activities is the production of salmon and trout for the local watershed where natural reproduction is severely thwarted by urbanization and limited spawning opportunities. In nature, less than 1% of spawn produced in rivers survives. In the hatchery, survival increases to 80% or more. The video below, produced by Anglersthree Multimedia, documents the club's production of fish for stocking into local waters:



The club is dedicated to the improvement and conservation of our fisheries and environment throughout Ontario and works closely with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. From this website you can find information about club activities, events, and programs.

The MEA encourages you to get involved and help us make the outdoors a little better for everyone. As custodians of our land and waters, we must always remember to give back something to the resource. Please help to ensure future generations can partake of the outdoors activities we all take for granted today.

The activities of the club and operation of the hatchery would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors and donors:




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